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Tuesday, September 26th
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The Bechtel Group and ScotiaMcLeod's equity group provides trading and advisory services for a full range of Canadian and U.S. equities as well as preferred shares, income trusts and options.

Equity Trading

Complete equity trading services are offered through the equity-trading desk of the Portfolio Advisory Group in Toronto. Dedicated solely to serving the needs of individual investors of ScotiaMcLeod, this group specializes in the trading of Canadian and U.S. equities including, Instinet and after-hours trading, the special handling of illiquid securities, as well as the trading of income securities and equity derivatives. 

Equity Guided Portfolios 

The objectives of the portfolios are to provide a sound, balanced portfolio that will generate superior investment returns for various investment objectives and levels of risk. Three Equity guided portfolios are available. Two Canadian and one U.S. 

Mutual Funds Programs

At the heart of our mutual funds selection and recommendation is thorough quantitative and qualitative research, driven by our disciplined investment philosophy - a core component of our Client Commitment. In addition to analyzing each fund statistically, we also look at its portfolio management process, style and discipline, mandate, and the inherent risks.

Partnership Plus

The Partnership Plus program is a non-discretionary fee based advisory program geared to investors who value our services as advisors and who want to remain involved in the day-to-day investment decisions of their accounts.  Many clients are attracted to the Partnership Plus program because the investment decisions they make with our advice no longer take transaction costs into consideration but are solely based on their strategic investment needs.
Overall, the Partnership Plus program is for individuals who have a long-term investment outlook and are looking for a combination of strategic consultation and value added service.

Objective Investment Advice - The foremost benefit to clients when investing through Partnership Plus is the removal of any perceived conflict of interest.  In a fee based environment clients are reassured that our strategic decisions are driven by investment objectives and not by commissions. Please Contact us for more information on the Partnership Plus Program

Pinnacle Portfolios

The Pinnacle Portfolios are a comprehensive investment solution featuring multiple Pinnacle Funds in a single investment.

Fee Based Investment Programs

ScotiaMcLeod's comprehensive suite of fee based programs delivers on our Client Commitment by pro-actively addressing the uniqueness of your situation, guiding the creation and implementation of your financial strategy using a systematic process, and applying a disciplined approach to investing with a team of investment specialists. We've developed innovative programs which offer alternatives to commission-based trading.
With these fee based programs, The Bechtel Group can work with you to choose the approach that best matches your investment needs.

Fee Based Programs with Some Involvement by Our Team

These programs allow you to delegate everyday investment decisions to professional money managers, reap the benefits traditionally enjoyed by large institutional investors and pension funds and includes rigorous checks and balances to ensure due diligence to mitigate and manage risk.

The Summit Program

Receive the personal attention of your advisor while seasoned money managers are hard at work buying and selling investments in line with your financial goals. Minimum portfolio: $500,000

The Managed Portfolio Program

Leverage the vast experience that our Associate Portfolio Managers and Portfolio Managers have, to manage your custom-designed portfolio. Minimum portfolio: $250,000

The Pinnacle Program

Our team uses a sophisticated process to develop a customized investment program to meet your specific goals. And our third-party experts rigorously screen leading money managers before they qualify to manage the Pinnacle funds. Minimum portfolio: $50,000

The Pinnacle Portfolios

A comprehensive suite of portfolios that use the Pinnacle Program Funds as their underlying holdings - each Portfolio gives you exposure to multiple portfolio advisors, asset classes, countries and investment styles. Minimum portfolio: $25,000

Sovereign Investment Program

Strategic asset allocation across seven exclusive investment pools. Each pool is diversified into multiple investment style s and implemented using multiple investment managers. Minimum portfolio: $50,000


A fund-of-funds strategy that can be effective as the core of your portfolio or for tactical needs. LifePoints gives you access to up to twenty of the world's leading investment managers. Minimum portfolio: $5,000

Fee Based Programs with More Involvement by Our Team

These unique programs allow you to participate in the portfolio management process with ongoing, objective advice from our team. This includes buy and sell decisions based on strategic needs without concern for commission costs. You will also gain access to ScotiaMcLeod's top-ranked research and insights.

Partnership Plus

Continue to rely on your Investment Team while paying one annual fee for buy and sell transactions. This alternative to the traditional commission-based way of doing business allows up to five accounts to share fees. Minimum portfolio: $100,000


Enjoy all the benefits of a full-service account with the freedom and features of an online brokerage account. Links to Scotia Online Internet Banking allow for bill payments and money transfers between i:Partner and Scotiabank accounts. Minimum portfolio: $75,000

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