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Tuesday, September 26th
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orthwhile goals take time and planning to reach. To bring our clients' long-term goals closer, we help them analyze their current financial situation and create a consolidated, cohesive financial strategy. Over time, we work with them to implement strategies to take care of their investment, income and asset protection, will and estate planning, banking, and borrowing needs.

On a regular basis, we review the progress our clients are making towards their goals and make whatever adjustments are required to their overall plan.
  • Investment Planning  - We are backed by a team of specialists within ScotiaMcLeod, as well as from Scotiabank and Scotia Wealth Managment. This allows us to access the required expertise to provide our clients with a comprehensive investment strategy that addresses all of their needs and goals. Fee Based and other…
  • Retirement Planning - Registered retirement products, including RRSPs, RRIFs and annuities. Also, read about our process and strategies to help you secure your financial future.
  • Estate Planning - Detailing everything that you need to know about developing an overall plan to guide all your estate planning decisions.
  • Insurance Planning - Insurance solutions help define your complete financial strategy and deliver on our Client Commitment to provide you with recommendations that encompass your entire financial picture.
  • Tax Planning - Discover what sets ScotiaMcLeod, one of Canada's leading full-service investment dealers, apart from other tax planning providers
  • Charitable Giving- Like most Canadians, we at The Bechtel Group, are active supporters of charitable organization in our community.

*Services provided by partners within Scotiabank. For details please see disclaimer

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