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Tuesday, September 26th
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We take a complete look at your life for a more complete financial strategy including investments, insurance, estate and trust planning and banking services. We help you achieve peace of mind by providing trusted advice and personalized solutions to meet your financial goals. Our Team is committed to acting in your best interests, offering advice and service designed to exceed your expectations. 

Our Client Commitment involves the following...

Outstanding Client Service

Providing superior service by putting your needs first. We understand the importance of earning your business. This is why we are dedicated to doing everything we can to help you reach your financial goals. To ensure you receive the level of service you deserve, We establish a clearly articulated service commitment with you. Through regular communication we promise to:
  •  Keep you fully informed about market trends.
  •  Remain up-to-date about your needs and goals.
  •  Monitor and refine your strategy to reflect ongoing changes as appropriate.

Personalized Financial Solutions 

Delivering proactive advice with an integrated approach. To reach your goals, our Investment Team develops a complete strategy that encompasses your entire financial situation. All your needs are assessed - from insurance planning, and tax planning to cash flow management, small business or personal lending, and Will and estate planning. Our Team capitalizes on the power of a total financial solution to maximize opportunities while managing potential challenges.
We draw on our specialists from across the Scotiabank Group and other professionals integral to your situation like your accountant or lawyer. You get a complete strategy with specific steps to reach your objectives and the benefits of quality advice.

Disciplined Investment Philosophy 

Our investment philosophy is to deliver long term growth while managing risk. Relying on a proven approach to investment success, We will do the following:
  • Construct a portfolio that manages risk while maximizing long-term performance.
  • Help you establish your optimal asset allocation.
  • Select a mix of investments to provide you with the best possible return for your personal level of risk tolerance.
To ensure you stay the course during a variety of market conditions, your financial strategy must be clearly defined. A key element of our Client Commitment is rigorous adherence to a disciplined investment philosophy. As part of our advisory process, our Investment Team will regularly monitor your portfolio to help you stay on target. Ongoing decisions are guided by your established strategy, reducing the impact of market volatility.

Team of Experts

Assembling specialists to provide quality advice. The Bechtel Group will identify the specialists uniquely positioned to provide you with advice and comprehensive financial solutions, and remain at the heart of this team. Your Team includes the following experts:
  • The Bechtel Group.
  • Investment Specialists from our Portfolio Advisory Group.
  • Equity, Fixed Income and Mutual Fund Research Analysts.
  • Portfolio Managers.
  • Financial and Estate Planning Consultants.
  • Insurance Consultants.
  • Borrowing and Banking Specialists.
The continued involvement of seasoned professionals, along with the regular reviews built into our advisory process, enables us to deliver a plan capable of closing the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. 

Our Advisory Process

A systematic, proven process that keeps your finances on track. The development and implementation of your complete financial strategy is guided by our process. Regular review and refinement by our Investment Team ensures its ongoing success. 

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